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I'm a student and software engineer from Munich, currently based in Munich. Within the scope of studying computer science at TUM, I also work in a research team at the eye clinic of the MRI, building augmented reality applications to support in the operating room, as well as conducting research in the field of robotic eye surgery.

I'm currently employed as a researcher and developer at Snke OS, a subsidiary company of Brainlab.

Outside of work, you can usually find me experimenting in the kitchen because I love to try out new recipes. You will also see me on Discord talking to my friends and tinkering on programming assignments or overengineering some private project of mine. I also like to run and hike (or basically being out in the nature).

I'm a big fan of West Coast Swing, a swing dance that originated from Lindy hop and can be danced to all kinds of different musical styles and genres. So if you're also a WCS dancer, maybe we will see each other at some dance event or a local party :)

What I've been working on recently

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